Monday, January 23, 2006

ah damn...

Liverpool lost 1-0 to Man Utd.

Hoo boy, didn't see that coming. I really wanted to say that Man Utd didn't deserve the win, but let's face the fact: Liverpool did not do enough to earn the point. Toothless attack, as many would say. You don't expect to win high profile matches like this if you can only blaze the ball over the bar with the empty net 6 yards in front of you.

Ferdinand scored a good goal. Man Utd played well. It only hurts because the goal came in injury time. Had they scored earlier it would be a lot easier to digest the pain. I hate last-minute goals, but Liverpool has their fair share of luck throughout the season too. So yeah, credit to Man Utd. Neville with his regular anti-Scouse celebration, but no big deal really. I really can't imagine if people would try to bring it up later cuz it's just a stupid argument. I mean, every Liverpool fan hates Neville, so it's natural that the feeling's mutual.

In the end of the day, the only winner would be Chelsea as they pull further away. But pray and with fingers crossed that Liverpool will do well enough for the maiden place. One match doesn't determine the course of the entire season.

Let's hope that the only thing Liverpool lost today is the bragging rights.

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