Sunday, January 08, 2006

a brand new year...

It's been a healthy two weeks since my last post and I just feel like it's about time to update.

I'm feeling a bit exhausted, largely due to the fact that the new semester has just begun and I'm still trying to revert back to normal sleeping hours. The other reason would be the crazy workload for my thesis project, which saw me working overtime for the past week. Barely had time to sleep, let alone concentrate in lectures.

Thankfully this sem I'll be taking plenty of lightweight papers, it is my final sem after all (provided that I don't screw up). Besides, with my CGPA mathematically out from 1st class, there's nothing much to look forward to. And the introduction of standard curves in grades didn't help much. Thus, I've decided to let my hair down and enjoy this semester and make up lost times.

For my thesis, though, my supervisor had just gave me a deadline for my labwork, which is on Valentine's. By that time I'm supposed to have gathered all the results that I need and start concentrating on my draft instead. Now, as each of my protocol would require a minimum of 10 successive hours to complete, and having at least 9 more of this protocol before I can finalise my benchwork, I've came up with a conclusion: I would be seriously deprived of sleep by the time I hand in my results.

Already had a preview of this hectic schedule. I spent the past three days attempting to finish three protocols in a row plus attending lectures at the same time. My Thursday lectures begin at 9am and end at 8pm, then headed straight to the lab and worked till late evening yesterday (Saturday). Some occasional breaks in between, obviously, to take showers and meals and catnaps. It'll be a long month till 14th of February.

Studies aside, this New Year has been unimpressive on a personal pov. No celebrations this year, too busy and occupied to organize a gathering like the ones we had for the past few years. The poor turnout also adds to my decision for the no-show this year. Instead of working my ass off trying to gather up old friends who don't really give a damn anyway, I spent the eve out having a drink with a coursemate while enjoying a live telecast of Liverpool vs West Brom.

Which feels a lot better cuz Liverpool won 1-nil.

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tomatoinc said...

hey mate.. sorry to hear your busy schedule. well, at least you have a schedule. I have absolutely nothing on for most of my days..and in fact, for the past 3 weeks, except for reading and catching up with people, i haven't done anythig useless. come online sometime la..wannna catch up with you too. :)

takecare and happy new year. btw..liverpool nearly lost to everton. :P what about that match?

stay cool. love u still despite not being invited to new year parties.hahaha