Friday, January 09, 2009

hoglets all grown up...

About 10 weeks ago, Quills gave birth to three little female hoglets.

Considering that the first mating session didn't work out, I was somewhat not expecting her to be pregnant during the second mating session when Cactus looked to be injured and there were stains of blood on the body less than 48 hours putting both of them together.

30 over days later on 21 Oct, while I was away in Tawau, I received an unexpected call from my girlfriend telling me that I've became a grandfather of three.

Last Tuesday, the first hoglet left for her new home.

The other two hoglets will soon follow suit when suitable buyers come along.

It has been a wonderful 10 weeks watching these few little 'rambutans' grow from the size of my thumb into the size of my palm.

Hope my hoglets will all end up with loving and caring owners, who'll be able to shower them with lots of affection!


WY Kam 甘永元 said...

eh, you just sold your first hoglet meh? I thought you have been breedin like crazy. ops, i mean the hedgehogs. :D

You do sound like a grandfather though. maybe it's time to tie the knot with mrs jason tan, and make some real babies. :D

NiC said...

actually all together how many hoglet you are having now?


Livingmonolith said...

Kam: nah, it's my first batch of hoglets, and they're just about suitable time to leave home...;) i still feel young, so won't be anytime so soon, hahaha...

cLiu: right now i have 4, the parents and two more hoglets, although one is reserved by someone already.:)