Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's pretty much a norm in the last decade that Liverpool loses steam in later stages of an 8-month season.

Last night, Man Utd won 1-0 against former Liverpool man Emile Heskey's Wigan Athletics. As much as I hoped that Man Utd lose, it's apparent that they'll be able to grind out a victory no matter what. They always do, don't they?

Anyway, back to current standings, Liverpool are only leading at the top by 2 points, with Man Utd having played a game less. Winning against Bolton will see Man Utd topping the table and ahead of Liverpool by a point.


Not really.

Not that I don't have any feelings about it, I'll be heck disappointed in fact, but in a way to summarize it better, it's not unexpected.

Liverpool have never got the steam to last the entire season for so many previous seasons, they either start up slow, or slowed down in the second half of the season. Plus, the many inconsistent displays throughout the seasons see them lose unnecessary points.

We went through some great moments during the turn of the new year, solid displays to thrash both Bolton and Newcastle, only to be let down by mediocre showings against Stoke. How did it happen?

This season looks more exciting than the previous years because, unexpectedly, all the top teams are dropping points at some stage in the course of the season. Man Utd started slow, Arsenal's choking here and there, and Chelsea in the midst of a crisis in confidence. Liverpool too, are having some major hiccups before Christmas, and it sure looks like we're going to have few more blips before the season ends.

But this is definitely one of the better seasons to watch in recent history. If there's a need to lower my expectations, I only hope that Liverpool will last the pace and be in contention for the league title in the last couple of matches.

That'll be some great finale.

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