Tuesday, February 17, 2009

valentine's home-made dinner...

Well, considering that a close friend is having his wedding dinner on Valentine's this year, we've brought forward our Valentine's plans to Friday night.

And considering that the lady of the night is under strict diet control following consultations with her colleagues, we ended up cooking our own Valentine's dinner.

Which wasn't so bad.

Grilled Salmon with tartar sauce

Campbell's cream of mushroom

Black pepper grilled chicken with bacon

Mirinda's orange

While wedding is a good excuse to skip a fancy restaurant dinner outside, to be honest Valentine Dinner sets are always a cut-throat to your pocket. A dinner like the above could've cost us like, what, RM300++?

It was a good dinner at home on the eve of Valentine's, which we both think was spent pretty well.

A very belated Happy Valentine's Day to all!


forbidden_lover said...

nice. =)

sharon still need diet control??


Livingmonolith said...


her diet control just started this month.

or did i miss something important?

forbidden_lover said...

er, if the diet control is for slimming purpose, then I have to use "still". because she doesn't need that at all.

or her diet control is for healthy purposes?


Livingmonolith said...

ah, then we're on different channels, the current one is for health purposes.


Lavender said...

whua.. so nice eh your valentine dinner... hahaa... i had mine on a hill though. at the look up point. LOL!

Livingmonolith said...

hey, nice place there, although i've heard the food was so-so only, hahaha...

should go there when i have the chance, always hearing rave reviews on the look out point.