Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wedding bells on february 14...

It's Valentine's Day this Saturday and I will officially NOT celebrate on February 14th. No thanks to my life-long brother's biggest day of his life.


Oh well, I can celebrate Valentine's a day earlier.

Anyway, this is going to be great experience, a church wedding in the city. I've never been to one before.

Okay, I lied. I've been to one before. But that's my lecturer's wedding which was held in the church she frequently attends. Which is located in a residential area. So it's different okay?

Back to the wedding, so it's going to be a double celebration every year from next year onwards. Anniversary on Valentine's huh? That's gonna be a bit corny, but hey, it saves the guy from having to remember another anniversary date, no? And one present for two celebrations.

That's cunningly smart. Sorry bro but I've exposed your plans here,.hahaha...


forbidden_lover said...

as usual, photo pls. =)

ps: gals talk, 2 occasions in 1 present? can! double up the present lo.


Lavender said...

haha!! yeah la.. so cunning!
must be 2 presents...1 for each occasion ger marr...

Jason, wat time u going? maybe we meet up and go together? hehe :P
my bf and i will attend too. hopefully nic could make it.

Livingmonolith said...

wah, you two so tamak one...;)

i'll be going to carpool with josh on saturday morning, meeting up at his place at 8am. or are you talking about the dinner?