Thursday, August 25, 2005

please tell me it's a joke...

Michael Owen to Newcastle United?

Heck, I seriously didn't see that coming.

If you ask me, I'd rather see Liverpool sign a right-wing less and get Owen back to Anfield. Talks about Stelios and Tom and Dick aren't really materializing yet, but Owen WANTS to return to Liverpool. He's desperate to resign for Liverpool. What else can we ask for?

I know many still can't forgive him for walking out the door when the club didn't do well, but he never said a single bad thing about Liverpool during his spell in Madrid. Come on, we all know Owen's a Red, and he'll remain one. Even though he might be donning Newcastle's zebra stripes in the near future.

Sign Michael Owen, I say. We can compensate the bad defence with Owen's 20-odd goals. Don't make me weep seeing Owen getting a hattrick against us.


NiC said...

sorry dude... your joke became a reality... owen just ain't wanted no more in liverpool...

Livingmonolith said...

i guess some things won't happen the way you want it to happen. can't really blame liverpool, 17 million is crazy money to pay for someone who left for less than half of that one season ago. nor can we blame owen, since he wanted assurance for a starting place and secure his position in the next world cup.

screw madrid for upping the fees, that's ransom. and i'm wondering how newcastle gather so much money every season despite doing shit in the premiership and europe.

newcastle will remain a 'trophy player' but not a trophy club, and owen will be a great player in a mediocre team.