Saturday, August 06, 2005

the workaholic...

My labmate commented that I am a one. Kinda true I would say; tonight (Friday) is the fifth night in a row I work overtime in the lab for my final year project. And by night I actually mean wee hours in the morning (p/s: it's 2am now). Scary huh?

Given a choice I wouldn't want to be doing this too (what? you think I enjoy staying overnight in the lab for the entire week?). Too bad the project requires me to do so, and I'm left with no option. Right now the only times I go home are when I need to take a shower and probably to catch some short naps. Classes from morning till evening, and lab from evening till morning.

I wonder if anyone else are taking their final year projects as seriously as I do. A couple of my coursemates stayed overnight for a few times before, but that's it. I haven't seen others spending so much time on their projects. I think I'll fall sick soon.

After this gruesome week, I feel like taking a break from my project and concentrate on my other assignments and tests. Three weeks into the new semester and I haven't started reading any lecture notes yet. Next friday's progress report meeting with my lecturer would be the perfect time to inform her about my decision. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do.

Right now I'll have to go back to my work. Hopefully I'll finish it in time to have breakfast with my housemates. Haven't really spent time with them for the past week.

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