Saturday, June 10, 2006

the lecturer's wedding...

About a week or so has passed, nothing much to write here except that England sucked against Paraguay, hahahaha!!!

Watched the game since it's played early, didn't plan to watch World Cup at all honestly. Not really my type.

Anyway, went to a friend's church wedding today (and skipped work btw). Not really a 'friend' friend, the bride was my lecturer actually, who happens to be a senior in residential college back in uni but she graduated BEFORE I came into the college. The bridegroom is also a senior of mine in college, and he graduated BEFORE the bride came into the college. Damn confusing, whatever. The point is both of them are my superseniors, get it? Went to the wedding with one of my ex-housemates and also a coursemate of mine who took the same paper under this senior of mine, together with some other seniors too. Wow, my first time attending a friend's wedding, this is a sign that we're getting old, hahaha...

Looked like a bunch of 'jakuns' cuz no one knows how much we have to put into the angpow. ;)

So, congratulations Pauline and Joel! May you be blessed with happiness forever!!!

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