Tuesday, May 30, 2006

crossroads of life...

Okay, so I'll officially begin work on 1st of June. Not what I expected, but you can never expect what's ahead in life.

I'm sorta in a dilemma. See, my family would really like if I stayed in the family business line, so that there will be someone taking care of the business when they retire. I can understand that. My father went through a lot to establish his business, which he is very proud of, and he definitely would be disappointed to see his hard work falling into others' hands. My brother got lucky, he opted to leave and got a job of his own, leaving me to deal with all these. And my parents don't trust my sister to handle the business, and I can see why.

Myself, on the other hand, would prefer to further my studies in what I'm interested in, a postgraduate research in biotechnology. Or at least that's what I think I'm interested in. My supervisor advised me to further my studies overseas, preferably in UK or US. Mind you, those are not really cheap options. To do that, I would desperately need a scholarship to ease the financial burden. Besides, I don't really want to keep stretching out my hands (I need to stop using the word 'hand') to receive allowance from my parents anymore.

Of course, by continuing studies, I am pushing myself into a corner, right into the academic path. A lecturer or something related. I'm not too sure if that's what I want to be. Or can be. I definitely do not want to end up as a scientist trapped in the lab 24/7 like my final university year, but I can't think of any career paths after this, yet.

Another thing is that, my parents hope that, even if I managed to obtain a scholarship to further my studies, I would still come back after that and rejoin the business. If this is what I'll be doing, what's the point of doing my postgrad studies?

I don't know if I'm suitable for the business world. I've never imagined myself in this position. But now that I've graduated, things like these come into the picture naturally, and they're torturing my mind.

Am I the only one having these kind of problems, or everyone feels the same when they graduate?


NiC said...

i can't tell you whether everyone feels the same coz i have one year left before i grad. all i can say is that you should apply for any scholarship that you come across. dun close any doors. if u get any offers, weigh the options and decide.
i don't know if wat i say will make sense. but i think u should try to open as many routes as possible. dun regret later that u didn't give it a shot, u know?
i guess after spending years in the education system, it does leave us quite clueless as to wat to expect next. well, no matter wat u do or wat u decide, all the best to you... =)

rational thinker said...

jason, i think i can tell you that i did had a huge thoughts on that. I chose to come back to uni, for watever reasons i can conjure up. How is it? It's great. BUt i am sure it would be equally great eitherway. How s our life going to turn out to be - should depend very much on how much we put into it. Laslty, me being me, like to give patronising advice...why don't consider a postgrad in business. that would 1) help u with ur family business if u going to do it. 2) allows u to think about what u want to do..and furthering more studies. 3) more time to think about what u really want ....reason no 3 is pretty much why i am doing a bloody phd. well, it's not necessary academic all the way. i ll probably join a consultant when i m done, and then start my own firm...or slave myself to some evil corporations.

NiC said...

i think u should check out this site

Jr. said...

hey hey...so long didn't visit your webblog...How's it going? Looks like u will be the first to start working eh. Do not worry...i'm joining you next in a few months time.

In any case, study is good. At least it takes your mind of those harmful office pest. Yeah, like the sluts across the office who likes talking behind your back.

The thing is, doing phd can be scary. You will most likely be like Kam. 1 old hag who forces people to call him Dr. in 3 years time. No shit. :P

But phd is an important passport to almost everything that is... boring yet helps u to earn a bit more $$$ than an average Bsc degree holder.

If you want to do so, the best place would be US coz it's really big on research. However, it does take longer...5 years...:S while UK can get you done in 3 years. Quality vs quantity.

Livingmonolith said...

thanks for the advices, guys, really appreciate it.

i guess i'll just hang around and hold this job for the time being, and lookout for scholarships around. who knows if i'll get lucky and got sent to uk or us, haha, with scholarship of course.

tomatoinc said...

unlike someone who forced ppl to see B.Sc, M.Sc (1st Class) CAMBRIDGE. ...bloody seow


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