Friday, May 26, 2006

xmen the last stand...

Damn, I seriously hate the latest installment of X-Men movies.

How can they possibly kill off Cyclops just like that?! It's like, only 15 minutes from the start and he's dead, even his bloody ruby specs have longer screen time than that guy. What a pity. I don't even know how exactly he died, this really irritates me.

And Prof X, dispersing into thin air? Man, this is totally not what I wanted to watch. I wanna see all the good guys fight side by side, not getting killed off one by one!!!

I guess bringing in so many characters into a 2-hour movie really have its down side. No one shines throughout the movie (other than Wolverine and Storm, but then again these 2 are the main characters), and they don't look or act like those characters in the comic books I grew up reading.

I am so disappointed.


rational thinker said...

hey jason, i was gonna watch the movie, and was gonna read a review about the movie..and i thought of u. hahaha..i was like "jason surely write about this by now..."

not a good movie?
oh no..

Livingmonolith said...

most probably it's because i'm an xmen fanboy, the glaring differences between the comics and movie are unacceptable.

for a neutral movie-goer, you may find it cool, some of the special effects are good.