Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a survey to waste time...

Don't feel like typing a a lengthy post, do I did a survey instead. Hahahaha, will blog normally some time soon.


1. Male friend: Several of them (You guys know who you are)

2. Female friend: Several of them too, hahaha...

3. Vacation: Trip to Kuala Gula. Man, life in a fishing village is so darn relaxing...


1. Time of day: 2 pm (Yawn, feels like taking a nap)

2. Day of the week: Monday blues

3. Food: Some vege. I hate most vege.

4. Memory: Too bad to remember...


1. Person you saw: My sis.

2. Talked to on the phone: Chang Wang, talking about booking tickets for 'Da Vinci Code', woohoo!!!

3. Hugged: Yean, during last week's farewell dinner.

4. Text: Yean. Damn, she still hasn't replied after 6 bloody hours.

5. messaged over friendster : Kam.


1. What are you doing now? : Doing this stupid survey, hahaha...

2. Wearing : T-shirt and shorts.

3. Better than yesterday : About the same.


1. Is: Gonna more interesting than today.

2. Got any plans: Going back to uni to look for a lecturer and ask her why my name is missing from the results' list.

3. Goal: Succeed in finding my lecturer, who's often missing from her office.

4. Dislikes about tomorrow : Possibility of failing to find my lecturer.


1. Number : 3, 27

2. Song : At the Beginning (Damn old song)

3. Color : Black and blue, my favorite hue

4. Season : Um, it's either rainy or sunny around here...


1. Missing someone : A lot as a matter of fact, I'm missing my coursemates' company and laughter around me...

2. Mood : So so.

3. Wanting : To enjoy my last 2 weeks of holiday before starting work. Travel travel travel!!!


I am a cuddler - Wahahahaha, how false...

I am a morning person - FALSE!

I am a perfectionist - False.

I am an only child - False.

I am currently in my pajamas - False.

I am currently pregnant - What the hell... false.

I am currently single - True.

I am currently suffering from a broken heart - False.

I am left handed - False.

I am addicted to friendster - Some true in it. Only some...

I am online 24/7- False.

I am very shy around the opposite gender - Depends on what kind of people, really.

I bite my nails - True, my friends, very true.

I can be paranoid at times - True.

I currently have a crush on someone - False. But I feel like crushing somebody...

I currently regret something that I have done - False.

When I get mad I curse frequently - False.

I enjoy country music - False.

I enjoy jazz music - False.

I enjoy smoothies - Partly true.

I enjoy talking on the phone - False.

I have a cell phone - True.

I have a hard time paying attention at school - False.

I have a hidden talent - True true!!! hahaha...

I have a lot to learn - Perhaps true...

I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal - Plenty there...

I have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" guy/girl - Yeah, true I guess...

I have all my grandparents - False. Damn, I have bloody lot of grandparents ok?

I have at least one brother and/or sister - True.

I have been told that I am smart - And also handsome, cool, clever, and everything nice, hahahaha...

I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor - Wickedly true.

I have broken a bone - False.

I have changed a diaper - False.

I have changed a lot over the past year - If you're talking about my hair, well...

I have done something illegal - True, sigh...

I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color - False.

I have had major/minor surgery - True, when I was really young even I couldn't remember it myself. Was told about it by my mother.

I have killed another person - Would it sound too fake if I answered true?

I have had my hair cut within the last week - False.

I have had the cops called on me - False.

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