Sunday, July 16, 2006

bon odori...

Been there. So what's the hype?

Anyway, a last minute plan again (after the sudden trip to my ex-housemate's hometown to fish a couple of weeks ago) which was only confirmed late afternoon today, and off we went to Shah Alam's Melawati Stadium.

Perhaps we got there too late, about 8 something, there wasn't a lot of stuff to look at. Some japanese dances joined by hordes of spectators, the stalls were closing and we didn't get to taste much japanese food. So we just walked around and looked at strangers having fun taking pictures with girls in kimonos.

Bumped into my labmate from uni, of all people. Haha, kinda missed her too, didn't contact each other ever since final examinations. Had a lengthy conversation, talked about our current lives and stuff, till the security decided to shut off the lights and force the people out of the stadium, at 9.30pm! What? That's pretty early isn't it?

Anyway, not like I cared much, was sweating like mad over there. So off for dinner at Sunway before dropping back at my old hang out place in SS2. Another weekend has passed.

The following 2 months will be hectic. Let's hope I'll stay healthy and not trying to be too greedy, getting a couple of days off too. Looking forward to meeting my ex-coursemates again end of this month when we'll be collecting our gowns, and hopefully the coursemate gathering and convo dinner next month will be successful.

Dead tired. Haha, pardon the expressionless post, I'm just too lazy to type a proper one.


NiC said...

when is your convo?

Livingmonolith said...

12th of august, morning session. why, you wanna drop by that day? haha...