Friday, June 20, 2008

4 years down the road and nothing much has changed...

In a little more than a month, this blog would be celebrating its 4th birthday. I don't think I'll be free on that day to wish my blog a happy birthday (I'm slotted in 'busy' mode that week), so I might as well blog about it since I remember about this now.

My first post was crap. It was written due to pressure from a couple of friends who blog as well. I didn't expect 4 years on, I still have this blog. And actively blogging still.

4 years back, there weren't many blogs in Malaysia. I know I'm not the first who caught the blog flu, but really, even project petaling street has just begun operation for some time. There are plenty of great stuff to read in that blogtal.

I struggled to write in html back then. I still do, but thanks to blogsphere's popularity nowadays the host does everything for you.

I can blog about anyone I want then because nobody knows, since nobody really reads blogs.

I lost my passion in blogging some years back during the time where plenty of useless blogs mushrooming out from nowhere, and everyone tries to make money out of blogging. Reading others' blogs became fun no more because people are copying and pasting news just to get easy money. Quality bloggers shunted the blogsphere, and I lost interest as well.

I don't know what spurred me to continue blogging, but I just thought of something just recently.

Maybe 10 years, 20 years, perhaps even 50 years down the road, I would have compiled a thorough journey of my life, and I can imagine myself laughing my socks off reading the first few posts I made. This will be my diary and will be recording many more important events in my life, my loved ones, my friends, my country, my everything.

50 years later, if I'm blessed with grandchildren, they would be sitting on my lap, reading back the old posts, and ask me why the heck my generation is so out of fashion.

Happy be-'earlied' 4th birthday to my blog.

There will be many more anniversaries to come.


Lavender said...

hehe ^^ yeah, you'll laugh especially reading all of our comments for you!!

*for the 50 years old Jason*
-hey, stop corrupting your grandchildren mind with your crappy blog-
muahaha! just kidding! well, it's nice to know that you have actually compiled 4 yrs of your journey!

Happy 4th yr bday "who's the monolith"!

WY Kam 甘永元 said...

hey, at least gimme some credit like you did on July 29, 2004! :D

bloggin has been an on off thing for me too..keep it up jason. this is probably where i ll read about your wedding proposal to sharon & your newborn babies pictures....if i can't make it back to malaysia. haha. :)

Congrats. :) i can't evne remember when's my first blog started.

Livingmonolith said...


and good to see you blogging again.:) so finally coming back to kl huh?


well, i have a feeling that you won't get any clues about any wedding proposals here. but you better send me an invitation card when you're getting married...;)

NiC said...

that's the reason why i started my blog in the first place and also the reason why i continue blogging...

happy anniversary monolith...

Lavender said...

yeap! have been really busy for the pass 2 months! finishing task and pass down! drool~~ i can't wait to be home!