Friday, June 27, 2008

introducing cactus & quills...

I have promised to upload photos of my hedgehogs and after a little effort, ehem... I proudly present to you, Cactus & Quills!


Cactus is the male hedgehog I brought back home in March from a home breeder. He has good temperaments and can fall asleep on anyone's lap. Picky eater, but will snap up mealworms when in sight! Cactus is the more 'athletic' one between the two hedgehogs I have, he'll make sure he gets enough exercise by running in the wheels every night (and leaves his poop all over the wheel). Cactus also likes to get his head stuck inside a toilet paper roll and bang around. ;) Quite a clumsy hedgehog, always tumbling around in his cage.


Quills was brought back roughly 2 weeks ago. She is considered quite grumpy and would rather be left alone in her cage, but once she gets outside she'll wander off very fast. Quills' rather friendly and tame when you have food in your hands, she'll come to you uninvited. ;) A bit on the plump side as she doesn't really know what to do with the wheels, the only thing she plays with is the bell ball which she keeps knocking around late at night.

Will need to take some time to study their behaviours, these two young hedgehogs are wonderful pets to have, and I learn new things about them as days go by. Honestly, hedgehogs are not suitable pets for many people because they're solitary animals, you don't get to play with them daily like dogs or cats, and they are unlikely to show any sort of emotions. But once you get to know each of their personalities, you'll fall in love with them. :)


Esther said...

aww, that's just soo adorable! how much did you get them for? is there a special type of cage that they need like a wide cage?

Livingmonolith said...

i got them for roughly about RM250 each, but that hasn't include the cage, food and toys.

you'll be able to find cages about 2ftx4ft in petstores, these are most suitable for hedgehogs. but if you ask more from hedgehog owners you'll find almost everyone are using toyogo boxes as their cage because it's far more economical.:)

forbidden_lover said...

i like the Quill! I like Quill.
i like her color

by cLiu.