Thursday, June 12, 2008

my second hedgehog...

3 months after getting Cactus, I've finally decided to get a female hedgehog, first step towards my plan of becoming a hobbyist breeder.

I have reserved a 4 month-old female hedgehog, a solid snowflake with dominant white quills from another fellow hedgehog enthusiast. Consider my lady luck because I was scouting for a platinum-coloured, but an all white snowflake will be a beauty as well.

Will be getting the hedgehog this Saturday if nothing goes wrong, after some time I'll be posting pictures of the new addition here in my blog...:)


forbidden_lover said...

when the hedgehog got baby, tell me,ok?

i will consider to have one.



WY Kam 甘永元 said... re really serious about this hedgehog thing huh? hey jaz, how come i never see u online no more. msg me on msn sometim. catch up, ok?


Livingmonolith said...

no prob, but bear in mind hedgehogs don't come cheap you know, hehehehe...;) but since you're my sis-in-law sure got discount lah, hahahaha...

sorry man, was running here and there nowadays, don't really have access to the net at night sometimes. will catch up when i have the chance, gonna get the latest news from you too...:)