Saturday, December 06, 2008

can the reds stay top?

I've never seen Liverpool leading the table so many months into a season and as far as I'm concerned, this may well be one season that we can finally be challenging for the title.

I don't really want to set the expectations too high so I won't be disappointed come end of the season next May, but to watch the current Liverpool team play is pretty much all the joy since the team has proved to be able to play some beautiful football at par with Arsenal and Man Utd. Of course, grinding out results and points along the way make the games more enjoyable too. ;)

And on top of everything, the team actually looks like they are not playing up to their best yet, Keane hasn't got into any sort of goal-scoring act, Torres in-and-out with injuries, inconsistent fullbacks of Dossena and Aurelio, long-term injury to Skrtel, and Mascherano looked like he's quite jaded after going for the Olympic games. So how good can this team be when everyone's back and hitting form? I don't know, but I'm excited if the team gets to show the entire league what they're capable of.

Blackburn up next without a win in their last 9 games. Let's see how Liverpool will cope with this physical side and make a statement.

It's a great season to watch Liverpool play, and it's a great month to catch plenty of matches!

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WY Kam 甘永元 said...

:) keep hoping....maybe chelsea might slip up more..