Monday, December 15, 2008


I would really liked to blog about my friend's and my brother's wedding in these past week, but until today I still can't find myself capable of reaching to my home PC and download some photos into it. And well, to be honest, I am kinda in a rush to finish up all the pending jobs I'm currently holding, and then take a week off work (and home too) for a breather.

First weekend in December:
At work, followed by Ang's wedding.

Second weekend in December:
My brother's wedding. And it's pretty stressful to be the punching bag of many stressful people around you.

Third weekend in December:
Which is this coming weekend, my girlfriend had planned a river-rafting trip near Gua Tempurung with my ol' housemates and uni friends, and then perhaps going to the hot-spring in Sungkai as well.

Fourth weekend in December:
Right after Christmas, my girlfriend's mom and sis will be visiting KL, and will spend the entire week off from work and home too. Well, I had to since there'll always be traces of work back at home I have run away in order to escape from work!


Lavender said...

going Sungkai? Weekend ar? then better go early early in the morning lorr... else sardin...

Livingmonolith said...

didn't make it to sungkai, too packed of a schedule, hahaha... the water rafting was fun, although i don't think it's challenging enough.

went to lata kinjang in the evening instead, then headed to kuala selangor for dinner after that. it's pretty fun to be away for a day out of the city once in a while...;)