Tuesday, December 23, 2008

liverpool's early christmas gift...

Well, what do you know.

Christmas is in a couple of days, and Liverpool are surprisingly STILL at the top of the league table.

One would’ve guessed Liverpool would be slumping down the table with two successive draws and with some dreaded displays of late, but then again who would’ve thought the rest of the big guns are having their patchy mid-season form on as well?

Chelsea is having some tough time themselves, and with John Terry now out for three matches during the festive season, that will surely be a major loss for the men in blue.

Arsenal are already choking all the way this season, and although nobody’s writing off anybody, I sincerely believe it’ll be a huge challenge for Arsene Wenger’s side to mount a credible climb up the pecking orders with the league getting so competitive now.

Man Utd may be having 2 extra games in hand, but that doesn’t mean there are 6 points in the pocket. They can be as close as 1 point behind Liverpool, but they can also be as far as 7 points away if results go our way. And let’s not forget Evra is having a lengthy ban himself, and he has been one of the most consistent performers in the Man Utd squad now.

And let’s not forget Aston Villa is making a statement to break into the Big Four stronghold, and at the moment they certainly look like they are more than capable to do so.

It’s a fun festive season this Christmas, and though Bolton and Newcastle aren’t totally pushovers, I certainly hope Liverpool will end 2009 top of the league, and it’ll be a bonus if we can pull away from the chasing pack. ;)

Merry Christmas everybody!

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