Thursday, June 23, 2005

big conspiracy...

What do 27 minimarkets, hardware stores, stationery shops, aquarium shops and supermarkets in Cheras and PJ have in common?

None of them sell fishing lines.


This is disastrous. I'm like, 3 hours away before boarding the train to Penang, and I can't find a single shop selling fishing lines. What the hell happened to fishing lines?! Did everyone just suddenly took up fishing and bought all of them?! 3 bloody hours searching shop by shop and none of them have any. At one point I got so fed up I went to an furniture shop and asked if they have fishing lines. No, I didn't include that store in the 27 I mentioned up there.

This is a conspiracy, I tell you. Someone is plotting some evil scheme against me. I can sense that. What else would explain the missing supply of fishing lines in Cheras and PJ? Someone is trying to stop me from completing my final year project!

I need to get a cup of coffee and beat up some dummy to cool down.

1 comment:

rational thinker said...

you can easily buy that at Makro cheras la!