Thursday, June 23, 2005

leaving to penang...

Damn, I forgot to drink coffee today. No wonder I'm so damn bloody uptight and cranky. This sucks to the max.

I'll be leaving to Penang tomorrow night to complete certain tasks for my final year project, therefore I won't be blogging for a couple of days. And probably a couple of weeks at that, since Nic, Pao Ko and I planned for a trip to Redang next week.

Spent the last few days preparing my stuff for the project trip to Penang. The workload made me succumb a bit into my 'not so nice' personality of late. Hey, I'm busy and have got chores to complete okay? Don't blame me for getting pissed when you're giving me wake up calls damn early in the morning, for every single bloody day!!!

Why can't people just call or message me during regular hours? 3am and 9am are bad times to get me talking on the phone. I bark at those times. Seriously.

I am now thinking of bringing my project work together to Redang so that I can finish up my analysis since my supervisor wants to see 'numbers' on her table as soon as possible. Are there actually any hot spots in Redang where I can surf the net (instead of the wave)? Damn, I am such a workaholic. I need to destress.

Gimme a cup of coffee.

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