Monday, June 20, 2005

formula one's a joke...

I'm telling you, there are no other sports in this world which is more ridiculous than formula one. I'm blogging now after watching ten laps, and there are only 6 cars remaining on track at the time of writing.


Because only 6 stupid cars started the race.

Apparently there are some problems with Michelin tyres which may pose danger to the drivers, as we saw the day earlier where 2 cars crashed during qualifying. The Michelin boss advised the teams using their tyres (all except Ferrari, Jordan-Toyota and Minardi) to not race if the FIA doesn't allow replacement tyres to be used.

By changing the tyres they'll be breaking 5 different regulations and ended up with penalties, so in the end all 14 went into the pit after finishing the formation lap. This leaves the 2 Ferraris in pole position to take 1st and 2nd place, with whichever lucky driver from either Jordan-Toyota or Minardi completing the top 3 podium finish.

I don't know what to say. I am not gonna sit there for 2 hours watching 6 cars battling (this must be a pun) it out for the top 6 positions. Maybe some will, to watch who will be stupid enough to crash during the race and miss out on points. I pity the spectators there, paying a fortune to watch shit. I can still turn the tv off and blog, the most practical thing they can do is to throw rubbish and bottles into the track (I saw that on tv) and showing the thumbs-down sign. Those with better senses would show the middle finger, and then formula one will be the first sport to receive an 18PL rating.

I can't believe this is happening. This is not good. And I am baffled that the 3 remaining teams actually went on 'racing'. Whatever happened to sportsmanship? Are points more important than the spirit?

Congratulations to Ferrari for a 1-2 finish. Unless you guys do something stupid and failed to finish the race (which would be very very very stupid). But I'll be sleeping when you guys are on the podium spraying the champagne.

Update: Sorry, I actually stayed up and managed to catch the podium celebrations. Not intentionally anyway, since Mexico vs Brazil is being shown live too, and that's quite a good match. Schumacher and Barichello didn't spray champagnes, but Monteiro did. Who can blame him? It's his first podium finish, albeit competing with a bunch of losers. Congratulations, I'm pretty sure that's your first and last trophy in formula one, you lucky prick.


rational thinker said...

i think it was about sportsmanship that ferrari and that two other teams went on to race.

for the sake for those who came all the way to watch 'live' grand prix.

screw all the michelin tyres user. hahaha..LOSERS

mrkiasu said...

No, i don think so, instead its a good thing to see that Ferrari is not dominating the scene anymore. Or else everything would be very boring.

mamat said...

No mate.

Michelin and the pact of the disgruntled constructors are!

This is my tots on this.

Take care,

Livingmonolith said...

well, you have to realize that turn 13 is indeed very dangerous, we saw several horrendous accidents already in recent years, and all 9 teams that attended the meeting wanted to add a chicane. doesn't that tell you the significant danger it posed?

i, like all those spectators, would want to watch a race with 20 cars, not 6. the michelin teams agreed to accept penalties and participate in the race, given that their drivers' safety is ensured.

the fia doesn't think the same.

can you really blame the teams for putting their drivers' lives ahead of the race? pulling out is the most sensible thing to do.

i do agree michelin is the cause of all these nonsense. but the teams declared that they WILL accept all the penalties given, and this will benefit ferrari anyway.

i am speaking from a spectator's pov. i have nothing against ferrari. i know i wouldn't risk racing in a track with the organizers taking no safety precautions. watching 6 cars racing is better than watching a driver lose his life because of fia's negligence.

mamat said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and to offer your counter-argument.

Anyways, as a formula 1 watcher (I cannot risk saying me a fan, for I would cheapen the term), those constructors who didn't want to slow down by themselves wanted Bridgestones runners to suffer all the same are partly to be blamed, while Michelin should shoulder the most!

I do reckoned that All real formula 1 watchers should emphatise with FIA and Bridgestone-shod team.

ps: Dear mono, for someone who didn't suppost any team, you have the gall to call the 6 runners 'stupid', in your post, 3rd paragraph.

Livingmonolith said...

if i am watching a football match between ac milan and liverpool where only 6 players turned up, i'd say stupid too. you have to read and understand that i am pissed to have stayed up until 2am to watch 6 'stupid' cars starting the race. well, of course, you can't start a football match with 6 players cuz it's against the rules. i hope you realize that i'm using that word as an expression, which by the way, i don't see any relations with supporting any teams by using that word.

anyway, my point (which i have stressed over and over) is i want to watch 20 cars racing. the other 14 cars said they can race without fighting for points, provided that safety concerns are taken into account, so i don't see any of the brigdestone teams suffering.

well, it's a thing of the past now, no point arguing who's the stupidest person in the world (though i would secretly vouch for bush).

thanks for the visit to my blog too, mamat.;)