Sunday, June 19, 2005

happy father's day...

There aren't anything to blog about and this is boring.

Btw, Happy Father's Day. Tonight my family will be having steamboat to celebrate (I am getting so sick of steamboats and bbqs, can't we do something else?).

Nothing else is new. I feel like crap and I talk crap. Screw it. I'm going to sleep. Don't call me in the morning, I will not wake up that early. Better still, don't call me cuz I feel like bitching and I'm gonna shoot anyone who wakes me up with early morning miscalls. Which btw, why do people always call or message me early in the morning?!! I AM ON HOLIDAY!!! I DON'T WAKE UP UNTIL NOON!!! WHICH IDIOT WOULD WANT TO WAKE UP AT 8AM DURING HOLIDAYS??!!

Hope everyone got that message. Goodnight.

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