Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour: the aftermath...

This must be the first time I blog twice in short a short duration of time.

So the Earth Hour's over, what next?

I know I get a lot of flak for not 'participating' our country's Earth Hour between 8.30-9.30pm earlier.

Make no mistakes, kudos to all those who successfully switched off all electrical devices and whatever that can help preserve energy during that hour. Good job there.

But again, how many of you turned on the lights, fans, airconds, computers and televisions IMMEDIATELY after the clock struck 9.30pm?

So you think your ONE hour contribution to help fight global warming is enough reason to critisize my decision not to turn off my lights for that ONE particular hour? Wow, one hour experience as an environmentalist and suddenly everyone have the rights to judge and condemn.

I think somewhere along the line, I have done some part in helping to preserve energy despite doing the opposite during this certain hour, but again the reactions I received convinced me that many in our country did not get the 'true' message behind the Earth Hour.

For those who think that they've practically saved the world and humankind just because they did a good thing for ONE hour yesterday, I've nothing else to say other than 'Congratulations'. If you're content that you've done a great job for one hour to help fight global warming, go on and continue patting yourself on the back.

I know no matter how much I do, I will never do enough to help save earth.

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cLiu said...

yes, one hour without using the electricity will not help the ozone back to the original stage.

it will not save the harm we had done to the earth. what had been done means is been done.

The campaign is to give support to WWF for them have the vote to talk to the politician on how to save the earth.

You can't help so let other people with great power to help the earth by showing your concern. =)

ps: talk so much here, but i do ntg too. hehe