Saturday, March 28, 2009

earth hour looming...

Minutes to go and we're entering the official 'Earth Hour'.

Am I participating in switching off my lights?


Not that I don't support the cause. But just my personal opinion though, I think people around are taking advantage of the marketing gimmick more than supporting its real cause.

Look and read around. People are calling to turn off the lights for one hour to help save our earth. Get real. Do you think ONE single hour is enough to save the earth? People are jumping on the ship because it's the latest fad. Everyone's getting excited because they are hyping it up as a 'happening' event. How many are actually doing their part to spread the message and create awareness?

It's a good cause, but I think the approach was wrong. I hate to say it but when I see local celebrities being engaged to promote this 'earth hour' without knowing the true cause, I feel like it's a joke. Real bad one.

This isn't about this ONE bloody hour without lights. It's about fighting global warming, and it requires effort way bigger than joining in the party turning off the lights for ONE hour. If anything it's a mockery to those genuine enviromentalists.

Do something for the rest of the year to save the earth rather than shouting like you care just because it's the 'in' thing today.

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