Friday, March 13, 2009

guess who just gave birth?

Quills just gave birth to another litter of hoglets yesterday. Not surprisingly though, I was expecting the delivery date to be within this week anyway.

But the wonderful news is, this time Quills gave birth to 5 hoglets!

Didn't expect to have so big a number in one delivery.

It's actually the first time I managed to see how the hoglets look like in their first day of birth, the previous time I was away for work in Sabah and missed the first 4 days of their lives, how they grow up from day to day.

And my other half jokes that this time around, I'll get to spend a full 2 weeks with them, considering she's going away for training starting from next Monday. ; )

Although my schedule has been pretty tight lately, at least I'll get to monitor their growth from day to day until the hoglets are big enough to be handled.

Hope to see some difference in colours this batch, and perhaps a pure white or two. : )

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forbidden_lover said... looks like sea cucumber lo.