Friday, March 06, 2009

words don't hurt me...

I may not be the best one to explain everything regarding property investments, but I will have to concede that at times, the more I explain the more futile it gets. Especially when the people around find it easier to knock down my idea rather than take seriously why I do things the way I do.

Is property investment risky? From a common point of view, yes it probably is. To start investing in property one may consider having tens of thousands cash to begin with, down-payments, legal fees, bank loans, insurance and stuff. You only need to make ONE mistake in property investment to earn you a one-way ticket to hell.

But me being me, I’d like to think it’s a complete opposite from the general perception of high-risk.

Yes, many have told me that I’m gambling with this. At my age it’s easy for people to assume that I do not know what I’m doing. It’s too convenient for people to make sweeping statements when somebody my age talks about property investment.

It really irks me at times, especially so when someone 10-20 years my senior makes degrading remarks of me ‘pretending to be smart without much substance or investments’.

Does it hurt? I’d be lying if I say I don’t. But I guess over time I’ve come to realize that I’m not doing this to prove anything to others, but to protect myself financially for my future.

Besides, me playing with fire? Serious shit? Nobody; who knows me personally; takes me as a risk-taker all my life, and believe me, I am not still.


When I’ve gone through months of extensive research on the area’s development past, present and future, its population, capital appreciation or depreciation, prospects, yields, browsing through endless legal documentations and exploitations, continuous scouting, surveying and negotiations, seeking professional advices in both banking and legal, thorough discussions with investors, and countless other efforts probably not worth mentioning?

Me being lucky is a fantastic analysis for the lazy.

Well, then again, maybe I am lucky.

Like what some people say: the harder you try, the luckier you get.


WY Kam 甘永元 said...

hey jason, don't get discouraged by what other (read: ignorant) people may have to say. Of course, older people, or people who thinks they are smarter often have their two-cents of fart to say about things.

As long as we do our research/homework before going into anything - be it exams or a real estate investment, i think we will be sweet. That said, hit me up on msn sometime.

btw, how can real estate be risky investment? wtf. that's like the amongst the lowest risk investment in comparison to shares, foreign currencies, commodities, mutual funds. etc.

over-leveraged can be risky though. that's borrowing over your earning capacity. but judging from the values u re borrowing on/paying at the moment (as you told me the other day), i think you re a as much as a risk-taker as the granny who do her gardening at her backyard...haha

Livingmonolith said...

thanks for the comment, bro. well, certain styles of real estate investment is risky but safe to say my portfolio is not leaning to that type of investment.

btw, remember the one we discussed over msn the other day? the deal just got better. :) and there's another which is different from my previous type of investment and will need to micro-manage my finance to utilize my leverage to the max. ;)

we'll catch up for the updates over msn when there's opportunity, till then hang on there down south! ;)

forbidden_lover said...

eldery people would always like to use their own experience to kinda give us some advices...worry that we are being cheated or this and that.

I am not saying they are not good. I understand their point of view and their concern on us as well. And, I always believe we should take other ppl experience into our consideration factor during decision making.

However, if you do your research well, you understand what are you doing, then just go ahead! Touch wood, let's say you fall down once, but even fall, it will give you a better lesson in your future investment path.

ps: how many times donald trump bankrupt before get rich? is it 7?=)


Livingmonolith said...

haha, cLiu, i totally understand and agree with what you've mentioned. advices based on experiences are always welcomed, i would be glad to listen to those without too, provided that there's mutual respect and reasonable insights.

but i do not enjoy being called 'dumb kid' by random adults who can't accept a mature discussion. that's all. :)