Thursday, March 24, 2005

a conversation at the workplace

This conversation happened today back in the lab where I am currently undergoing my training:

Tutor 1: So where do you actually stay?
Me: Cheras.
Tutor 2: Oh, so you're from KL lah?
Me: Yeah...
Tutor 1: Both your parents are from KL?
Me: No, my mom's from Seremban. Why?
Tutor 1: Oh, so you're from the peninsular...
Me: Uh huh, I think I would have some recollection if I'm not born in KL...(starting to feel weird)
Tutor 2: Then your father's a Chinese?
Me: Yeah...
Tutor 2: Your mother?
Me: Chinese too.
Tutor 1: Like that you're not of mixed parentage lah?
Me: I look like one?
Tutor 2: We thought you're from Sabah or Sarawak cuz, I don't know lah, your face looks like you're from there.
Me: Oh, ok... (don't know what else to say)

Darn, must be the broken Malay slang...


100 said... can you tell someone is from somewhere by just looking at the face?? dumb people...

NiC said...

hey... ur industrial training till when ar? my finals will be for the next 2 weeks la... i go find u for lunch after that la... or maybe after ur trainign? wat time u get off work?

Livingmonolith said...

2 months, till mid may lah... my lunch time standard one wor, 1 to 2, after training should be bloody free cuz i'm gonna go start my thesis.