Saturday, March 19, 2005

exams out, training in

Just finished my last paper at 5pm yesterday, had a football game right after that to cure my itchy legs, a steamboat party with my housemates(photos coming up as soon as I get them), stayed up all night going out for drinks with friends from campus, watched 'Shutter' and fell asleep doing so, packed my stuff in the morning, got home around 3 something, slept through the evening, and finally here I am back to blogging.

So, what's up people?

There aren't a lot for me to blog about, since I was isolated from civilization for the past couple of weeks, so the only thing I can keep you guys updated about is my industrial training. Heck, I've only received my offer letter on Monday after 4 bloody months of waiting, and I'm off to another local uni for training. For 4 months you'd think I'd deserved to be in some big research organization or private companies but no, now I have to cover all my expenditures using my own pocket money. How sad. But still better than having to extend one semester just for these 3 pathetic credit hours. Well, you gain some, you lose some (in this case, I kinda lose quite a lot of 'some' financially).

And right after my training, I'll be moving back to PJ and start early on my thesis. Dr Lani's quite a great chap, she allowed us to get access to her labs during the holiday so I guess I can spend some of my free time mingling with my coursmates' projects, hahaha...

8 weeks of training, here I come!

p/s: Btw, I've been having difficulty posting comments on you guys' blogs, I don't know why. Just wondering if it's just me or are you guys having the same problem.

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