Monday, March 07, 2005

of blood and blog

Two totally different topics, sorry for the misleading title.

Anyway, came back for the weekend because my roomate's family came to town, and he needed a room to stay for the night before his mother goes for her checkup in University Hospital later in the morning today.

Speaking of hospitals, went for my routine blood donation on Friday and found out that the hospital's running low on O-type blood. Not sure if there's any readers at all here, but if there are any of you readers out there who somehow accidentally stumbled upon my blog and saw this post, I am now pleading you to show a little kindness and donate some blood to help save some lives.

Imagine the joy of a mother crying her eyes out knowing her daughter, who had been a hit and run victim, can be rescued because a kind-hearted man donated his blood.

Picture a 5-year old child sitting on the floor outside the intensive care unit waiting for his daddy, not knowing his father is in critical condition and losing huge amount of blood.

Think what miracles this world can give you, when your most beloved one is lying there motionless in the operation room needing the extremely rare O-negative blood supply, and then the nurse walked in and said a good samaritan has just provided enough blood to save the most important person in your life.

A friend once told me,
'if you can't do great things, you can do small things in a great way.'

This is the greatest small thing you can do.

Regarding the second topic, well, not really sure what's happening in the blogsphere recently, but two of the blogs I frequently visit had announced that they are considering quitting blogging, for good. I don't know the reasons behind the controversy, but I wanted to say that I will support their decisions, whatever it will be.
Blogging used to be a fun hobby.
It sure doesn't look fun anymore.


NiC said...

of blood - i haven't seen u trying to be such a nice guy before... publicly that is...

of blog - you've just been fooled... =)

Jr. said...


Haven't seen the soft side of jason... Come to think of it, i'm carrying the not so rare O-blood type in my body. Haven't been donating for the last three years. :(

Anyway, see how la....You should do a blood donation drive around your neighbourhood rather than posting it online here. At least your chances of reaching out to those people are higher.:P