Thursday, August 12, 2004

back in town

that's right, i'm back from ipoh after a 4-day trip. i'm kinda weary and tired, it's no easy task having fun. but it's enjoyable throughout the whole visit, so i can't complain much.

like what everyone's saying, ipoh is indeed a food paradise. i don't think i'm done tasting all the great food there but it's ok cuz i'm definitely gonna return for more. the infamous chicken rice with beansprouts, 'sa ho fan' (heck, i have no idea what it's called in english), wong kok's tasty porridge (yummy), chu cheong fun with mushroom sauce (no, we don't get it here in kl), i even had a glimpse of ipoh's 'desa sri hartamas' - greentown. went to the persanjung mamak and some steakhouse there, it really feels like you're back in hartamas, minus the slashing and killing cases of course.
besides good food, there's nothing much to do in ipoh. other than eating, all i've done is visiting the caves (kek lok toong and sam poh toong) and d. r. garden. oh yeah, i've spent some time window shopping at ipoh parade and jusco too, and watched 'i, robot' to kill off time. well, you can't be eating 24 hours a day, can you?

stayed at my friend's home during these days, now this is something different from what we have here in kl. it's the first time i've been in a modern village house, and it's a nice experience. my friend's mother can cook good food too, so imagine how many meals i've had in these 4 days. and she really made me feel like home. proves that money doesn't buy you happiness. away from city life for a while and it really brings peace to my mindset.

if you ask me, sometimes i want to have this kind of lifestyle. coming from a well-to-do family, you'll always be regarded as the spoilt brat and useless. of course, i know most of my friends never think of me that way, but sometimes it really hurts when i'm trying hard to be accepted for who i am, trying to proved that i can live a life the way others live it, and some dumbass will come out with a shitty remark, like "you won't understand, you're rich" or "you're different from me, your money can solve your problems". didn't i make enough effort to show that i can live a happy life without my parents' money? why is this always the issue when arguments break out? i can be a bloody ass and shove the dollar notes into their mouths but why am i always sitting there, pretend to smile and take this bullshit? i know they don't mean it, but they have no idea how these statements affect me in a sense. oh well, i guess we'll just have to accept that sometimes in life, shit happens.

enough with the ranting, i'm gonna be having tests again after this holiday, so it's time to hit the books again. while enjoying the hiong peng (biscuits) i've brought back from ipoh.;)


tomatoinc said...

hey welcome back. seems like you have fun. told you ipoh is great. hehe..but too bad u only sampled the food. hehe. isn't the people there are cuter too? ;) does solve some problem, but don't buy a lot of things like happiness and friendship. jason..u dun haf to try to be accepted for who you are. just be who you are n like it or not, ur friends will accept u. take care.

Livingmonolith said...

nah, you can't really find any goodlooking people there, cuz most of them are exported to kl already, hahaha...