Friday, August 27, 2004

this weekend...

it's one heck of a boring week, what a bummer... well, not entirely boring, at least i get to kill a mouse brutally and extracted sperms from its cauda epididimis (hahahaha, i know you guys won't know what it is, i'm just trying to show off). it's nice to have some hands-on experience on these stuff during practical, especially when they limit us to 6 mice only and i'm one of those who get to have some fun. it's not like i'm jumping up and down and yell 'i wanna do it! i wanna do it!', but when your class is full of geniuses who only excel theoretically (refer post below), you'll automatically be the first choice to do this. or in other words, they'll tell you to do it, and if you screw this practical up, they can always put the blame on you. but anyway, in the end of the day i'm the one who gets the experience, and that's all that matters when we go out to the real world (hopefully).

tomorrow's not gonna be good, i'm having extra classes in the morning. the lecturer is such a killjoy. it's national day next tuesday! can't you give us a break? we need to return to our hometowns and celebrate with friends! okay, so i live in kl, but still... and this biochem lecturer insist that our monday class will resume as normal, another psychopathic doctor who lives a dull life without friends or family. how can you do this to us? coming all the way back to uni just to attend the 5 to 6pm lecture, nice try, doc.

i'm not sure if i'm having any plans this national day eve, no one seems to be around in town, busy with their own studies or in another country. i guess it's gonna be another dull celebration, for me. fine, good time for me to put in some effort in my upcoming test, even if it means sacrificing my holidays. ok, this doesn't sound like me. no, i'll study for now, but if something comes up, i'm definitely not gonna be missing the fun, hahaha... sorry, but i'm just not up to that 'level' of nerdiness yet, thankfully. there's time for studies, but there should always be a balanced ratio allocated for fun too.

after this, i'm off to steven's corner with seow and nic, long time didn't go mamaking already, kinda missed it. thinking back, it has been almost one whole month since i last went mamaking! the horror... time for us to gather and gossip, i'm particularly interested in knowing this 'am chun dan' of choy yee's, muahahaha (evil laugh)... time to talk behind your back, now you would've regretted for not telling me the truth, muahahaha (evil laugh again)...bye bye...

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