Saturday, August 28, 2004

infernal affairs?

now this is a picture taken in the second semester, while we were doing the short movie clip of 'infernal affairs-ciplak version'. it was supposed to be presented during MAMB2 (Malam Anugerah Menara Budi 2) but did not make it to the screen in the last minute as the vice-chancellor decided to attend this function. the censorship board thought the gangsterism theme was too violent and may bring bad influence to younger generations, hahaha... ; )

the tagline for MAMB2: "every college has its own story...this is a story about 2nd rc um."

from left to right: me, Daniel, Wui En, Kee Seng, Chun Chong, Kien Fong, Tuck Hou, Ginn Boon, Teck Chuan, Chee Kiong, Litt Phang (all residents of second residential college at time of shooting)

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